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Rural Business Tasmania strongly believes that through proactive support, greater productivity can be achieved.  We recognised that through proactive resourcing and support to build capacity, greater econimic growth can achieved.  Economic support programs currently provide a reactive support to those uneconomic operators - gaining assistance to survive the chanllenge or follow an orderly exit path.  The alternative of inevitable business failure imposes costs and reduction of service on their local community and can be avoided.  

By increasing the resilience and foundations of the business, it will be more able to manage the risks of operation including climate viability, commodity fluctuations etc.  

Rural Business Tasmania's Cultivating Rural Excellence provides proactive holistic support, providing specific business coaching support to manage complex multi commodity enterprises.  We also look to use the valuable resource that exists in a number of retiring or under-utilised members of the rural industry who are willing and able to be of beneficial support to those in the program through mentoring and coaching. 

Program Launch

The Hon. Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Resources Guy Barnett joined 40 attendees at the launch of the Cultivating Rural Excellence Program at Marjories Cafe at Woolmers Estate, Longford on Monday 11th February 2019.  

It was exciting to hear from Anna Clark from Rupertswood Maze at Hagley about her journey and why she is joining the program.  Matthew Crane from Strelleyfield Ducks is another particpant and was also in attendance sharing his goals and ambitions.