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Cultivating Rural Excellence 2021

Rural Business Tasmania strongly believes that through proactive support, greater productivity can be achieved. Through proactively resourcing and supporting businesses to build capacity, greater economic growth can be attained. Rural Business Tasmania believes that through increasing business resilience a business is better able to manage the risks.
Rural Business Tasmania is committed to assisting the State Government to achieve its target of increasing the value of Tasmania’s agricultural sector to $10 billion a year by 2050. To do so, we need to ensure our farmers are given every opportunity to learn, grow and achieve which are the principles for the Cultivating Rural Excellence program. Rural Business Tasmania’s Cultivating Rural Excellence program provides proactive holistic support to manage complex multi-commodity and agricultural enterprises. We also look to use the valuable resource that exists in industry specialists who are willing and able to be of beneficial support to those in the program through mentoring and coaching.

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Program Details

The Cultivating Rural Excellence Program is focused on empowering our farmers and those working in the agricultural sector, to be the best they can be. Brand Tasmania is gaining international momentum every day and it is essential that we have a skilled, innovative, confident and forward-thinking agricultural sector to drive our industries forward. The Cultivating Rural Excellence Program mission is to: Give people the tools to prosper in agriculture.

The program is aimed at those who are/have the:

  • Have an interest in agriculture

  • Capacity for personal and business growth

  • Vulnerable to external factors

  • Open to maximising their potential

  • A plan ready to grow or ready to develop a plan

We expect men and women of all ages with a varying level of agricultural expertise to commit to the one-year program. They will need an open mind and be focused on innovation and sustainable farming for the future.

Rural Business Tasmania is focused on ensuring the Cultivating Rural Excellence Program is both accessible and affordable for as many participants as possible, noting that a maximum of 25 participants can be incorporated into each program.

Participant cost is $1,500 + GST. If you have someone who may be able to sponsor you please don’t hesitate in getting them to give us a call to discuss this further.

Rural Business Tasmania, in conjunction with the State Government, is confident the Cultivating Rural Excellence Program will deliver positive and practical outcomes for Tasmanian farmers and farms.

For more information on upcoming programs, please call 1300 88 3276, email or fill in our contact us form(link below).

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