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Forum of Rural Stakeholders


Forum of Rural Stakeholders

The ‘The Forum of Rural Stakeholders’ Group, convened by Rural Business Tasmania Inc, comprises members of like-minded services and individuals who have a stake in our rural communities. The Form facilitates discussions to assist service providers, ensuring there is an integrated and coordinated approach to the provision of services in rural communities and farming families. It also identifies recommendations that can be taken to improve the economic and social well-being of the rural community.

The Group provides a forum for regional, community and government services to:

  • Share information about rural service delivery

  • Determine trends and indications for emerging issues that may need addressing

  • Identify service gaps and issues related to the rural community

  • Explore opportunities for collaboration in the work environment with rural communities

  • Communication information and provide an integrated contact platform

The Group is not a decision-making body, but does expect participants to actively participate and, where possible and appropriate, support the activities of other members. The function of the Group relies on participants’ work being relevant to rural communities. Membership consists of invited representatives from state-wide, focused community and government organisations involved in the provision of services to the rural community that have a strong rural enterprise member base together with stakeholders of the rural community.

Current members include:

Host Organisation: Rural Business Tasmania

Chair: Elizabeth Skirving (Rural Business Tasmania, Chief Executive Officer)

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Rural Business Tasmania collaborates with a number of associations and organisations within the Rural and Regional communities throughout Tasmania, with both informal and formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The convening of regular discussions groups between leading agricultural organisations is paramount to creating a sustainable, viable agricultural industry within Tasmania.

Country Women’s Association, Rural Youth and Royal Flying Doctors Service (Primary Health Care) are a few of the established Memorandum of Understandings that Rural Business Tasmania has in place. We have a strong relationship with the various service providers within Tasmania and continue to work hand in hand at times of Crisis or Recovery. The strength of the Forum of Rural Stakeholders is tantamount to those relationships and how they interact and work together at a time of need which has been proven time and time again (e.g. floods in 2016)

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