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Living with drought - who can help and how

Drought is just one of the many risks facing Australian agriculture. Knowing what services and support is out there to assist farmers and farming businesses is important.

The Australian government has developed resources to make it easy to find out who can help and the kind of services and support that is available.

A range of people and organisations can provide farmers and farming businesses with advice and support. Accountants, financial advisors, financial planners and bankers are just some of the people who can provide valuable assistance and advice to help farmers and farming businesses prepare for, manage through and recover from drought.

Healthier, Safer and Productive Workplaces


Practical guidance tools that are focused on rural workplaces to prevent, respond and reduce the harm of sexual harassment and other forms of bullying and harassment.


Resources available includes checklists and simple videos to call out bad behaviours, means that everyone has the ability to understand the messages.

Program Participant Groups


Private program groups for Cadetship and Mentorship participants.

Business Health Check


Checklist to help you assess your business health

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