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Roly Chugg

Head of Recovery Services

Roly comes from a farming background and also has had 26 years of experience in the Banking Industry obtaining a Certificate in Financial Services. Roly joined Rural Business Tasmania back in August 2013 and since then has completed his “Diploma of Community Services – Financial Counselling” as well as the “Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management”.


In addition to a background in banking, Roly has also owned and managed a farm for more than 25 years, held a real estate license, develops property and managed the RSPCA site for a time. Over many years Roly has also had significant community involvement in the local football club as treasurer, heavily involved in the football department as well as various other positions on the committee. On top of this he has also given his time on sub-committees for local government assessing small sporting grants.


Roly’s current role is that of a Head of Recovery Services and he enjoys working with his fellow counsellors providing clients with the best possible service and outcome.


Outside of work, Roly enjoys the simple things in life, gardening at home, breeding Gouldian finches, leisurely excursions around our beautiful State with his wife, and time with his grandchildren.      

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