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Forestry Contractors Resilience Program

Tasmania’s forestry contractors can now apply for funding to improve their business practices under the $500,000 Forestry Contractor Resilience Program.

The purpose of the Forestry Contractor Resilience Program is to provide forestry contractors the opportunity to work with specialists on business and financial management within their business, identify future opportunities to diversify and build business stability and resilience. The Program will help to build a stronger industry by providing forestry contractors with skills and access to professional advice to increase their business acumen and take their businesses to the next level.

Through facilitation provided by a suitably qualified business coach and mentor, eligible clients will undertake a review of management practices and will be assisted in developing strategies to achieve better business outcomes and ensure a viable sustainable business in the long term. Outcomes will be achieved through proactive steps, detailed in an agreed Action Plan, to build resilience to meet the everyday challenges of running a forestry contracting business.

Applicants will be provided with up to 5 hours of professional business coaching through Rural Business Tasmania. This may include reviewing the businesses financial situation, business operational processes, and review of issues that are impeding the business such as cash flow. An agreed action plan will be developed and implemented in conjunction with the Rural Business Tasmania coach. Once complete eligible applicants may then be provided with funding assistance of up to $15,000 to assist with the implementation of the business action plan.

For more information about this program please contact Rhett McKenzie-Edwards on 0437 949 228 or via email at

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