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Is this application for the recently announced Tasmanian State Government Drought Relief?

The information provided will remain confidential. Only statistical summaries may be released.

Details of Applicant
Details of Enterprise

Please attached proof of business registration at end of form.

Assistance up to a maximum of $2500 per family/household is available to eligible applicants.

Funds Requested & Applicant Declaration

Provide details of expenditure to be paid through Assistance fund

Payment will be made direct to the biller, please attach copy of unpaid invoice or supporting paperwork at end of form

Declaration By Applicant

I declare that
• I am suffering economic hardship
• I meet the eligibility requirements (as listed on Page 1 information sheet) by holding current ABN,
carrying out an eligible enterprise and contributing greater than 51% of my labour and capital to
the enterprise
• The information provided in this form is true and correct
I understand that
• Deliberately giving false or misleading information is a s serious offence
• Any overpayment will be recovered
• Rural Business Tasmania Inc, parent body of Rural Relief Fund of Tasmania, may make relevant
enquiries to ensure the most appropriate grant may be recommended
• Statistics may be collected and analysed in such a way as to protect my anonymity.

I authorise the release of information to relevant support authorities, including Federal, State/Territory or local authorities to enable my claim to be assessed

Assessment Information:

Each application will be assessed independently on a case by case basis.
The following information helps us understand your assistance needs and eligibility:

Is the income from this enterprise your primary source of income (i.e. >51%) – circle
Do you and/or your partner receive income from another source – if yes supply details; e.g. no. of hours; f/t, p/t, permanent, casual
File Uploads
Upload Image File
Upload Document File
Have you filled in all questions?
Have you attached unpaid invoice/s for expenditure associated with claim?
Have you uploaded your proof of business registration – e.g. ABN registration
Have provided sufficient information for assessment that you are suffering economic hardship?
Have you signed the declaration?
Would you like a call from one of our Rural Financial Counsellors for FREE confidential support?

Thank you for submitting your application form.

Your application has been forwarded to an independent panel for assessment. You will receive a response in 2 business days.

Rural Relief Fund Grant Application

Information for Applicants



The purpose of the Rural Relief Fund is to provide financial assistance to support rural and regional businesses during times of economic hardship due to flood, fire and drought etc. The fund is to support those in our rural and regional community impacted by adverse conditions.


Contributions and tax deductible donations collected by the fund are directed specifically to Tasmanian farmers, foresters, fishers and small business and their families. Eligible beneficiaries may apply for support that can be used to assist with primary production activity including fencing, protection for animals, food and immediate and ongoing needs of devastated families. All funds collected remain within the Tasmanian community and Rural and Regional Relief Fund rules of operation ensure appropriate management of funds received and allocation to those most in need.



All claims for assistance will be assessed on a case by case basis. Successful applicants will receive payment directly to a nominated debtor.



If your family enterprise:

  • Are suffering hardship at the present time, and;

  • Has a right or interest in land or assets used for the purposes of primary production, small business or fisheries*, and;

  • Contributes a significant part (greater than 51%) of your labour and capital to the enterprise, and;

  • Is registered with the Australian Taxation Office and have an ABN thus indicating you run a small business, farming or fishing enterprise, and;

  • Is still conducting this enterprise and/or intend to continue/resume in the foreseeable future, and;

  • Have under 19 employees in your business


You may be entitled to a grant under the Rural and Regional Relief Fund of Tasmania guidelines.

  • Eligible applicants include individuals, partnership, trust or company operating commercially who are involved in any of the following: crop growing, livestock farming, services to agriculture, commercial fishing (marine, aquaculture and mariculture), forestry, horticulture, vegetable and/or small business services in regional/rural Tasmania.



  • The grant has not been increased to allow for GST and a tax invoice will not be sought.

  • The grant is assessable income and must be declared. It is recommended that you seek professional advice on your tax obligations.

Online Application Form

What You Need To Do

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